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USS Bon Homme Richard Korean War
Short Hull Essex Class
The most detailed model ever of this Carrier.

U.S.S. Bon Homme Richard (CV-31) Essex-class Aircraft Carrier, Korean War
A600A - GONE super detailed model 1/700 15" long.

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It is modeled on the U.S. Navy’s 27,100-ton Essex-class aircraft carrier commissioned in 1944.
This Dragon kit is vastly different to any previously released Essex-class carriers. It also includes fighters for the Korean War era, including
a brand new tooling of the F9F-2 and AD attack jet aircraft, as well as the veteran F4U-F Corsair. There is even a HO3S Dragonfly helicopter!
There are photo-etched parts to upgrade and improve the high-quality molded plastic parts like railings and radars.

This new kit Features:

- Newly tooled 1/700 Grumman F9F-2 Panther and Douglas AD-6 Skyraider aircraft NEW TOOLING
- 1/700 Sikorsky H-5 Dragonfly helicopter, Grumman F9F-8 Panther, McDonnell F-2H Banshee jet aircraft in clear plastic
- New radars with photo-etched parts
- Waterline version or full-hull version can be contructed
- Flight deck elevator can be posed raised or lowered
- Hull side doors can be modelled in open, half-open or closed position
- Accurately detailed superstructure
- Whip antennas also can be formed out of photo-etched metal
- Cartograf decal offers accurate markings

About the U.S. Bon Homme Richard:
This carrier saw combat in the final raids against Japan, but was recalled to active duty with the outbreak of the Korean War. It had a couple of combat tours in the Korean War before undergoing conversion work in 1953 to allow operations of high-performance jet aircraft. This replica shows the USS Bon Homme Richard as she appeared during the Korean War. Her aircraft launched strikes against North Korean targets such as the heavy bombing of the Sui-ho hydroelectric dam in June 1952, and on the city of Pyongyang.

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With decals you can build many short hull Korean Essex Class.
Over 500 parts - A600A May 2007
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With decals you are able to build the ships marked with YES below.

CV-9Essex                          YES CV-10 Yorktown YES CV-11 Intrepid YES
CV-12 Hornet YES CV-13 Franklin YES CV-14 Ticonderoga  
CV-15 Randolph   CV-16 Lexington YES CV-17 Bunker Hill YES
CV-18 Wasp YES CV-19 Hancock   CV-20 Bennington YES
CV-21 Boxer   CV- 31 Bon H. Richard YES CV-32 Leyte  
CV-33 Kearsarge   CV-34 Oriskany   CV-36 Antietam  
CV-37 Princeton   CV-38 Shangri-La YES CV-39 Lake Champlain  
CV-40 Tarawa   CV-45 Valley Forge   CV-47 Philippine Sea