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Sword Shields
(Don't let your sword sit in a closet display your Family's Heirloom)
Navy Cutlass DOES NOT fit in any of these Sword Shields
These are custom wood items we need two weeks for delivery
less than 2 weeks will requires Air Mail Delivery.

(The Sword is not included these are just Wooden Displays)

Sword Display Emblems


#AA62 -Oak Plaque 90.00 

  Shipping $25.00 will be added

all 50 States

  Personalized Laser Engraving
  Emblem, Blank Plate
  Self-Leveling Hangers   


Deluxe Oak Sword Plaque    10x12x3

Tell us the branch of Service.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

These are custom wood items we need two weeks for delivery
less than 2 weeks will requires Air Mail Delivery.

These are made by a different manufacture Sword Shield! 10"W x 12"H
Different emblems are used.
Any plaque can have any of the emblems below be sure to tell us which one.
Shipping on all of these products because of weight is $25.00.

These are natural wood colors so there are slight variations in wood colors in each wood family.

New emblems are hand painted see pictures below!

This is a sample of Cherry on the left and Walnut on the right.

Please note - My display manufacture has changed
to hand painted emblems as you see below!


Walnut Wood Plaque
#LHW  $140.00
Cherry Wood Plaque
#LHC  $130.00
US Marine Corps Emblem US Navy & Coast Guard Emblems US Army Emblem US Air Force Emblem

Tell us the wood type and branch of the service.
Shipping $25.00 will be added

Why Is Theirs Cheaper Then Ours??


You can see from the close up pictures that theirs is processed wood from Asia.
Ours is real wood made by American Veterans, here in the United States.
Who understand a quality wooden product to display in your home or office.
Theirs has a 2D flat 2" branch service medal. Ours has a 3D 5" solid brass service emblem.
Dang it ours just looks better too.