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Glass Sword Cases
(Don't let your sword sit in a closet display your Family's Heirloom)

(The Sword is not included these are just Wooden Displays)

These are custom wood items we need two weeks for delivery
less than 2 weeks will requires Air Mail Delivery.


Above is the Dark Walnut Case with a Dark Walnut Stained Back

[1] First Button = What kind of Wood   [2] 2nd Button = Emblem Branch  [3] 3rd Button = Text for Brass Plate

Item# AA60
Solid Oak or Dark Walnut Stain

265.00 Light Color  Dark Color 290.00

  Glass Front
  Crushed Velvet Background
  Personalized Laser Engraving      

  Emblem, Blank Plate
  Inside Dimensions: 43L x 9H x 5W


Shipping on this item $50.00

across the country. Calif. - 40.00



 Background Color

Wood Color & Emblem








Cherry or Walnut Glass Sword Cases

Sword not included in these displays
This is how Walnut looks from the front.

Tell us which emblem and wood type.

Coast Guard Marine Corps Air Force
Navy Officer Petty Officers Dept. of Navy
Army National Guard Dept. of the Army

[1& 2 ] First Button = Emblem Branch & What kind of Wood  [3] 3rd Button = Text for Brass Plate

  Shipping on this item!

$80.00 FedEx
Ground Only
across the country.


Item# GLCW or GLCC

Solid Walnut $535.00 or Cherry  $495.00

  Glass Front
  Personalized Laser Engraving      

  Emblem, Blank Plate
  Outside Dimensions: 42.5W x 11H x 6D



These beautiful hardwood cases will allow you to display your Military Officer sword, NCO Sword,
or Navy Cutlass behind a glass door. Each case is constructed using genuine Appalachian Black Walnut,
Northeastern American Cherry and Beech hardwood, with a custom molded hardwood, hinged, door. We select and
mill the hardwood, carefully, miter the corners, and cut, and install hardwood splines, to strengthen
the corners. Hardwood molding is milled for the door, the glass is installed, and a hidden magnetic
latch is installed. The hardwood Sword and Scabbard supports are crafted, and affixed to the back
of the case. Each case is then carefully sanded and finished with furniture grade lacquer.
Each case includes a military emblem and a small custom engraved plaque is available. 




Are you looking for a something unique we have this two sided glass sword case.
To hang on the wall, view on a shelf, mantel or desk.

Theses are the emblems that are now used.

The ends have brass knobs that fasten the whole display together for easy sword removal.


Military Sword Display and Memento Box

         This beautiful Custom Case allows you to display your U.S. Military Officerís Sword, NCO Sword or Saber, or Navy Cutlass along with the many other items depicting your United States Military Service. Other items such as Military Ribbons, Medals, Rank Insignia (metal or cloth), and Wings are available. The official Seal, of your branch of Military Service, is included. In addition we can obtain, and mount miniature U.S. Military Ships, Aircraft, Weapons, and Military Vehicles. Military Patches, Challenge Coins, and other Military Unit Identification can be displayed.

            The Case is constructed using your choice of available Solid Hardwoods and finished with numerous coats of furniture grade lacquer. This Sword and Memento Display is fitted with Non-Glare and Non-Yellowing Plexi-Glass, and is equipped for mounting on a wall or on a shelf, desk, or mantel. We will be happy to supply you with a quality replica US Navy Officerís Sword, US Marine Officerís Sword, US Army Officerís Saber, U.S. Navy CPO Cutlass, US Marine NCO Sword, or U.S. Army NCO Saber. These Replicas are for Display only and pictured in our photographs of the Case. We also have the Authentic, and Government approved Military Swords, Sabers, and Cutlasses for sale on this site.  Cases are available using Cherry, Walnut, and Beech Hardwoods. Swords can be displayed with, or without, their scabbards.

Please contact us to discuss the availability, and prices, for personal items you want included with this case. An engraved brass plate with brass emblem as pictured, is also available and mounted on the Case for a nominal cost.  

[1] First Button = What kind of wood  & Emblem Branch  [3] 3rd Button = Text for plate

  Shipping on this item!

$80.00 FedEx
Ground Only
across the country.



Solid Walnut 535.00  or Cherry  $495.00

  Glass Front
  Personalized Laser Engraving      

  Emblem, Blank Plate
  Outside Dimensions: 42.5W x 6H x 6D