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PLA-N LanZhou DDG-170 in 1/350 Scale

CS101 - $ 65.95 1/350 scale full hull.



 The first ship of Type 051C air-defense DDG was undergoing sea trial in 2007. Its overall design looks like an enlarged Type 051B/Luhai DDG, which appears more conventional and less stealthy as Type 052B/C DDG.
The ship is belived to be powered by boilers and has a full displacement around 7,000t. This might indicate the technological and budgetary constraints of Dalian Shipyard.
Type 051C features the RIF-M/S-300FM/SA-N-20
vertically launched SAM system ordered from Russia in 2002. The missile has a range of 120km. Its fire control radar could be 30N6E Tomb Stone phased array radar which can direct 12 48N6E missiles to engage 6 targets simultaneously.
The radar is installed on top of the structure behind the aft mast, and the antenna can be folded when not in use. A total of 48 missiles are housed in 6 revolver launchers (6x8). 2
VLS launchers (arranged in tandem) are installed in the platform in front of the bridge
and 4 launchers in the structure ahead of the helicopter landing platform. In addition to the RIF-M SAM system, two Type 730 CIWS are installed at midship. A total of 8 YJ-83 SSM launchers are installed between the forward funnel and the aft mast.
The main gun is thought to be a single 100mm rapid-fire gun with a stealthy turret. The fire control radars could be Band Stand and Type 344 on top of the bridge, the 3D air search radar is a Top Plate/Sea Eagle S/C on top of the aft mast
and the surface/air search radar could be a Type SR64 on top of the foremast. The first ship (115 Shenyang) was launched on December 28, 2004 at Dalian Shipyard. The second ship (
116 Shijiazhuang) was also launched in 2005. Both will boost the
air-defense capability of PLAN North Sea Fleet. 115 was commissioned in October 2006 and 116 in March 2007. Currently both ships are in service with the North Sea Fleet.