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Nimitz Class 1/500 scale
With new decals build all carriers in the class.

Great Model of the USS John C. Stennis built by Lester Hunt

KIT# A628 $57.00 - 27 inches long.


The United States Navy

Aircraft Carriers - CV, CVN

Updated: 6 March 2000
Description: Aircraft carriers provide a wide range of possible response for the National Command Authority.

The Carrier Mission
To provide a credible, sustainable, independent forward presence and conventional deterrence in peacetime, To operate as the cornerstone of joint/allied maritime expeditionary forces in times of crisis, and To operate and support aircraft attacks on enemies, protect friendly forces and engage in sustained independent operations in war.

Features: The aircraft carrier continues to be the centerpiece of the forces necessary for forward presence. Whenever there has been a crisis, the first question has been: "Where are the carriers?" Carriers support and operate aircraft that engage in attacks on airborne, afloat, and ashore targets that threaten free use of the sea; and engage in sustained operations in support of other forces.

Aircraft carriers are deployed worldwide in support of U.S. interests and commitments. They can respond to global crises in ways ranging from peacetime presence to full-scale war. Together with their on-board air wings, the carriers have vital roles across the full spectrum of conflict.

The Nimitz-class carriers, seven operational and two under construction, are the largest warships in the world. USS Nimitz (CVN 68) is undergoing its first refueling during a 33-month Refueling Complex Overhaul at Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News, Va., in 1998.

Point of Contact:
Public Affairs Office
Naval Sea Systems Command
Washington, DC 20362

General Characteristics, Nimitz Class

Builder: Newport News Shipbuilding Co., Newport News, Va.
Power Plant: Two nuclear reactors, four shafts
Length, overall: 1,092 feet (332.85 meters)
Flight Deck Width: 252 feet (76.8 meters)
Beam: 134 feet (40.84 meters)
Displacement: Approx. 97,000 tons (98,556.67 metric tons) full load
Speed: 30+ knots (34.5+ miles per hour)
Aircraft: 85
Cost: about $4.5 billion each

  • Ships:
    USS Nimitz (CVN 68), San Diego, Calif.
    USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), Newport News, Va.
    USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70), Bremerton, Wash.
    USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71), Norfolk, Va.
    USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), Everett, Wash.
    USS George Washington (CVN 73), Norfolk, Va.
    USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74), San Diego, Calif.
    USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), Norfolk, Va.
    USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), San Diego, Calif.
    George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) (keel laying 6 Sept 2003)
    Crew: Ship's Company: 3,200 - Air Wing: 2,480
    Armament: Two or three (depending on modification) NATO Sea Sparrow launchers, 20mm Phalanx CIWS mounts: (3 on Nimitz and Dwight D. Eisenhower and 4 on Vinson and later ships of the class.)
    Date Deployed: May 3, 1975 (USS Nimitz)
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