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WWII Imperial Japanese Carriers

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WWII Surface


Patrol Boats

Amphibious & Supply


Mod. Ships

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Item # Navy Ships Name Description Scale Price Company  
A5300 IJN Unryu Hiryu Class 1/700wl Gone AOS  
A5301 IJN Katsuragi Hiryu Class 1/700wl 44.95 AOS <<Click To Buy
A5302 IJN Chuyo Taiyo Class 1/700wl 26.95 AOS << Click To Buy
A5303 IJN Unyo Taiyo Class 1/700wl 26.95 AOS <<Click To Buy
A5304 IJN Hiryu  23,00 Ton  "New Mold" 1/700wl 57.95 AOS <<Click To Buy
A5305 IJN Hiryu 23,00 Ton Carrier 1/500fh 118.95 NIC <<Click To Buy
A5305A IJN Hiryu Aircraft Carrier 1/350fh 349.00 FUJ <<Click To Buy
A5306 IJN Hosho 1st Japanese Carrier 1/700wl 33.95 FUJ <<Click To Buy
A5307 IJN Akagi Pearl Harbor Attack 1/700wl 52.95 FUJ <<Click To Buy
A5308 IJN Akagi 3 Flight Deck Carrier 1/700wl 65.00 HAS <<Click To Buy
A5309 IJN Akagi 2 Flight Deck Carrier 1/700wl 43.00 HAS <<Click To Buy
A5310 IJN Akagi Pearl Harbor Attack 1/500fh 89.95 NIC <<Click to Buy
A5311 IJN Akagi Super Detailed 1/350fh 299.00 HAS << Click to Buy
A5312 IJN Kaga Heavy carrier 43,000 Ton 1/700wl 43.00 HAS << Click to Buy
A5313 IJN Taiho 34,00 Ton 1/700wl 36.00 TAM <<Click To Buy
A5314 IJN Taiho New Mold 1/700wl 52.95 FUJ <<Click To Buy
A5315 IJN Shokaku Pearl Harbor Attack "NEW" 1/700wl 52.95 FUJ <<Click To Buy
A5316 IJN Shokaku 30,000 Ton 1/700wl 43.00 TAM <<Click To Buy
A5317 IJN Shokaku 30,000 Ton 1/500fh 69.95 NIC <<Click To Buy
A5318 IJN Shokaku 30,000 Ton 1/350fh 350.00 FUJ <<Click To Buy
A5319 IJN Zuikaku Pearl Harbor Attack 1/700wl 43.00 TAM <<Click To Buy
A5320 IJN Zuikaku 30,000 Ton 1/500fh 79.95 NIC <<Click To Buy
A5321 IJN Zuikaku Very Detailed 1/350fh 375.00 FUJ <<Click To Buy
A5322 IJN Shinano Largest WWII Carrier 1/700wl 43.95 TAM << Click to Buy
A5323 IJN Shinano 72,000 Ton 1/250fh 250.00 DOY <<Click To Buy
A5324 IJN Junyo Hiyo Class 27,000 Ton 1/700wl 34.00 TAM <<Click To Buy
A5325 IJN Zuiho Light carrier 14,000 Ton 1/700wl Gone HAS  
A5326 IJN Shoho Zuiho Class 1/700wl 37.00 HAS <<Click To Buy
A5327 IJN Hyuga Ise Class BB Hybrid 1/700wl 48.00 HAS <<Click To Buy